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Join us and sample all of the Dogfish Head “Minute” beers and foods that we have carefully paired to go with them! We will be joined by a Dogfish expert who will also be bringing some pretty cool “stuff”!

Start with their best selling beer and an IPA standard, the 60 minute… Mini flatbread with Amish Cheddar and twice smoked pork belly bacon

61 minute, a beer and wine hybrid..it’s 60+1… Seared pork tenderloin with a fresh berry and local apple puree topped with a cinnamon/nutmeg crumble and cider reduction

75 minute, a malty,earthy brew with maple syrup and finished with a dry hop… Slider trio of beef brisket with Bobolink cheese, jerked chicken thighs with mango jam and a Carolina catfish with a corn/avacado spread

90 minute, THE imperial IPA that Esquire Magazine says is “perhaps the best IPA in America”… Grilled teres major with Stilton cheese gratin’ and shaved sprouts with speck

120 minute, The Holy Grail for hop heads… Ginger snap crusted chocolate and smoked almond pot de creme with dark chocolate ice cream

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